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By No Means Delicate

2017 fall - present, in development

“a very small woman, not so much of the sylph variety but rather a firecracker, full of va-va-voom and oomph.”

- Nancy Dalva

Mary Cochran - BY NO MEANS DELICATE (in development)

Short documentary on the life of Mary Cochran(1963–2017).

Mary Cochran was a brilliant and transformative once-in-a-generation performing artist, who literally lit up the stage dancing with the Paul Taylor Dance Company for twelve years and then transformed the dance department at Barnard College as Chair for 13 years. 
“Dance first and ask questions later” was her message to students, who she connected with professional opportunities that she initiated for them while they earned their degrees. Cochran was a superstar in a world not given to kind of celebrity associated with popular culture. By No Means Delicate celebrates the triumphs of Mary’s spirit and puts a lens on a complex persona. The film will reveal the psychology of dancers and the community that shaped Mary.