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Role: Director/Producer

Co-Producer: Steve Zeitlin, City Lore
Cinematographers: Claudia Raschke, Melissa Donovan
Editor: Keiko Deguchi

Broadcast premiere - PBS series, Independent Lens
RT: 70min and 53 min.
Educational Distribution: New Day Films

Japan Prize NHK broadcasting

Translations: Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Swedish, Korean, Turkish and Taiwanese

Deaf Jam is the story of deaf teen Aneta Brodski’s bold journey into the spoken word slam scene. In a wondrous twist, Aneta, an Israeli immigrant living in the Queens section of New York City, eventually meets Tahani, a hearing Palestinian slam poet. The two women embark on a collaboration/performance duet creating a new form of slam poetry that speaks to both the hearing and the Deaf.

"Delightful and endearing, utilizing upbeat music and clever graphics, Deaf Jam immerses us in the richness and complexity of deaf culture and gives us a unique perspective into a world so vibrant, so diverse, it may forever change the way we see the non-hearing.”

Barbara Pokras, A.C.E. – Woodstock Film Festival.